Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Record a Day#21 - Convicted "Demo 2009" (2009)

Track Listing:
1. Cyrus, the Almighty
2. Only the Strong
3. Cages

I wasn’t able to find out a whole lot more about Convicted than that they were from Chicago. I checked out their Myspace page and other than the city all it said was (and I quote) “Convicted is dead”. Sorry guys, that’s all I can tell you about these guys.

The first thing I noticed when I listened to this demo is that there wasn’t a whole lot of difference in sound between all three songs. If it wasn’t for the feedback at the end of the first two songs (which is the same feedback that starts both songs that follow) I wouldn’t have known that something else was about to happen. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are decent, but there is really not a whole lot of difference in the songs. It was kind of boring to listen to 9 minutes worth of songs that just sounded like one continuous song. If you haven’t heard this, don’t rush to try to find it, you aren’t really missing out.

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