Sunday, July 18, 2010

Record a Day #16- Mind Piece "Demo" (2007)

Track Listing:
1. Adrift
2. No Control
3. Wearing Thin
4. The Earth Is Flat
5. Wasted
6. Violent Change

I’ve kind of abandoned the PA/NJ only bands thing, because I really like the idea of listening to demo’s better. That doesn’t mean that I’m avoiding them, or won’t go back to it sometime in the future, I’m just fixated on this idea right now, and feel like branching off. That being said, Mind Piece is another band I found on Brothers In Crime, and unfortunately their myspace page sucks so I wasn’t able to find out a damn thing about them except that they’re from New York.

I really like this demo. It’s one of the better produced demo’s that I’ve listened to. The influence of more established New York bands (like Madball) is evident in their style. I’m not saying that they sound like Madball, but the style is similar. The music is aggressive, and the vocals are throaty. Every song feels like it was written to get the crowd involved and stomping around. Sometimes that can sound cheesy, and forced, but they pull it off.

Even though their myspace page is what I would consider atrocious, they do have a music player with 3 of these tracks. I recommend going there to give them a listen, or going to Brothers In Crime’s Mind Piece Section and downloading the demo. It’s a good listen.

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