Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Record a Day #18- Youth Attack “Demo Tape” (2002)

Track Listing:
1) No One Wants You
2) Broken Promises
3) I Hate Lies
4) Laugh In Your Face
5) Positive Scene

Well, at this point I figure the only time that I’m going to tell you where I found out about a band is if it didn’t come from Brothers In Crime. It seems to be where I find everything, and Youth Attack is no different. I looked at their myspace page and found out that they broke up in 2006, so they weren’t around the Boston scene for all that long (their from Worcester).

This is another demo that I like, but the quality is pretty bad. I know that this was ripped from a tape and converted to Mp3 format, but there could have been this significant of a loss in quality during the transfer. The songs are all good straight edge youth crew hardcore, which the more bands I listen to I realize I like just as much, if not more then the chug-a-chug. All of the songs are quick, and catchy.

I’d like to get my hands on their other releases (2 7” records, and a full length) to see how their sound progressed before they broke up, especially the lead singer sounds younger doing his vocals then the rest of the band does during the gang vocals.

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