Monday, July 12, 2010

Record a Day #11- Krutch "Brotherhood Sisterhood" (1996)

Track Listing:
1. Nature
2. My Way
3. Fist Thrown Up
4. It Is 2 Me
5. In Who's Eyes

I started out with the intention of doing a write up on Krutch’s “Wheruat Demo 95”, but after doing a little digging I found this album which includes the demo and two song’s from a split 7”.

I love the way this starts. Even though “Nature” is a four minute song, it doesn’t drag. Between the music and the gang vocals, the song flows awesomely. With lines like “Courage, honor, and truth must be the building blocks of our youth” , there’s more to this song than just the slow driving mosh-heavy music.

The rest of the songs on this EP (no information I was able to find about this actually called it an EP, so I’m using the term with some license) are just as good as “Nature”. As I said, they came from two different recordings, but they all work together. They all share the same slow driving mosh-heavy formula, but do so in a way that doesn't make them sound like the songs of a generic "chug-a-chug" hardcore band.

Listening to this straight through leaves me wanting to hear more, which is what any album should do. At some point, when I get off of the kick of listening to and talking about band’s demo's (or their first album, which is what the topic of “Record a Day” will be for a while), I’ll listen to some of their other stuff, and let you guys know.

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