Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Record a Day #4- Decontrol "Songs from the Gut" (1985)

Track Listing:
1. Young and Tired
2. Bunker
3. Deathwish
4. Holiday in New Jersey
5. Never Again
6. Philly Cops
7. Fascists
8. Pillhead
9. Too Much Pressure
10. Prostitute
11. Decontrol Theme
12. 1992

Decontrol is a band that I know virtually nothing about, and the amount of information that I could find on the internet about them is very limited. They were an early 80's Philly hardcore band, that from what I've been able to find is still playing (I don't know how recent/current that information is, so don't hold me to it) and just released their complete collection on one album.

I can't really determine where in their discography "Songs from the Gut" fits in, but from the limited info, I'm guessing this LP was their first. It's a classic album (according to Decontrol's website http://www.virgilavery.com/decontrol.htm), and I don't know that I can really disagree with that. 25 years after it was made, I'm listening to it, and seriously enjoying it. All the tracks are quick, and the whole album only lasts 15 minutes. The only track that I'm not a fan of is the instrumental, "Decontrol Theme". It's not bad musically, it just isn't as captivating as the rest of the songs.

This album along with their others are available on their "Songs from the Gut- The Complete Collection", and I definitely recommend getting it if you're into the old school early hardcore sound.

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