Thursday, June 17, 2010

CD a Day- H2O "F.T.T.W." (1999)

Track Listing:
1. Faster Than the World
2. Empty Pockets
3. One Life, One Chance
4. Guilty By Association
5. Fading
6. Bootstraps
7. Can I Overcome
8. Found the Truth Within
9. Old School Recess
10. Helpless Not Hopeless
11. On Your Feet
12. Day by Day
13. Force Field
14. Ez.2.B Anti
15. M&M
16. Reputation Calls
17. Liberate
18. Follow the Three Way/ Not Just Boys Fun

I decided that for my first album review, I would start with the one that inspired the name of this blog. I always enjoy listening to an H2O album, and this by far is my favorite. From start to finish (it's just under 35 minutes long), this album grabs me and doesn't let go. It's full of guest vocals. "Faster Than the World" is the perfect way to start off. Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) does a guest spot on the track, and his unmistakeable voice adds to a great song. As the album progresses, each song is catchy and follows the melodic theme that H2O is known for. The personally reflective lyrics follow the ideas of previous H2O albums, as well as their newer cds. It's hard to pick a favorite song off of this cd because I love them all, but "Guilty By Association" always has stood out to me above the rest, and has a special place in my heart since it was the very first H2O song that ever stuck with me (thank you Punk-O-Rama 5). Freddy Madball's guest vocals in the song have always been my favorite part (which everyone is sick of since they hear it every single time I get a text message). Anytime this album is on, it gets my head bobbing. "Force Field" featuring Dicky Barrett (Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and "Ez.2.B. Anti" featuring Anthony Civerelli (Gorilla Biscuits/CIV) are two of the most catchy songs on the album, and rank right up there with "Faster Than the World" and "Guilty by Association" for me. If you haven't listened to it, where the hell have you been for the last 11 years? Go get it, and listen to it. Then feel free to tell me that I'm full of shit if you don't love it.

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