Saturday, June 26, 2010

Record a Day #1 - Carpenter Ant "I Still Have the Drive" (2005)

**This marks the debut of the new name, since some are LPs, EPs, and 7".... Enjoy

Track Listing:
1. You Don't Own the Road
2. Typed Out Setlist
3. Captain Firecrotch
4. Addiction
5. Clueless McCalihan
6. Get a Grip
7. Dairy Queen is Not a Meal
8. Hoagies in a Headlock
9. Are You One of Them?
10. White Belt Warriors
11. Men in Brown
12. Later Lousbag

Like Rancor, Carpenter Ant is another Allentown band. Also like Rancor, I heard a lot about them from Walt and Mark at shows. Especially the show where lead singer, Roy Carnage (real name Ray), did guest vocals with Walt's band at the time, Back to Back. One day, a few months ago, I got the serious urge to go to Double Decker records, and while I was rifling through the used CD's I found this. My eyes got big at the thought of inadvertantly finding the CD of a band I kept hearing positive things about. I snatched it up, and soon figured out the hype was right.

"I Still Have the Drive" is Carpenter Ants first LP, and was released by Double Decker's Doppelganger Records in 2005. The 12 tracks go by in a flash. Each one just as catchy as the last, if not more so. It's hard to say which one is best in my opinion. "Typed Out Setlist", "Captian Firecrotch", and "Are You One of Them?" are the three that I would say I like the most (but only if you held a gun to my head and made me choose). This CD is more than worth listening to, it's worth owning. As of right now (6:00 pm June 26th), has 2 copies for sale.

Check out Bad American, Ray's new band (also includes Jamie from Rancor/Panic Attack). They're getting ready to take pre-orders for their first 7", and will be playing the 2010 Lehigh Valley Punk Rock Picnic on August 28th.

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