Sunday, June 27, 2010

Record a Day #2 - Billy Club Sandwich "The Usual Suspects" (2008)

Track Listing:
1. Bodega
2. Turning Point
3. Far From the Truth
4. Bottom of the Barrel
5. Shark Tank
6. Ready to Halt
7. Bodega (En El Bloque Version)
8. The Usual Beat

Since I saw Billy Club Sandwich on Friday, I figured that I would give their newest EP a listen. "The Usual Suspects" was released in October of 2008 on Dead City Records.

All 8 tracks are aggressive with throaty vocals that are common in tough guy hardcore, but in no way are generic. Out of the 8 tracks, "Bodega" is the only one that I have a hard time understanding what the hell is being said (both versions). Every track musically promotes moshing with slow driving guitar and bass lines. "Turning Point" and "Shark Tank" are by far my favorite songs, not to slight the others. It's relatively long for an EP (at least from my limited experience), but it doesn't drag. Billy Club Sandwich is a great band, and it comes through in this EP, but seeing them live is even better.

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