Saturday, June 19, 2010

CD a Day- Ambergris "A Day Late and A Dollar Short" (2005)

Track Listing:
1. I Think There's Something Wrong With You
2. Ready to Fight
3. The Rebound
4. No Clue
5. Smash My Radio
6. House Familiar
7. No Way Out
8. Liar! Liar!
9. I Hate My Job
10. Open Road
11. Get Wild
12. W.T.F?

I have a terrible habit of being the "fan boy" type. That's pretty much why I initially bought this CD (as well as supporting the local scene). I had met Truman a few times through his brother Walt, and the first time I saw Ambergris play I decided to buy the CD (and t-shirt, and buttons). I instantly loved the CD. The first week I had it, it was the only CD I listened to, and it is still in steady rotation. I'm not gushing in "fan boy" mode right now, just telling it how it was.

Start to finish (the 33 minutes the CD lasts flies by) this is a fucking fun CD to listen to. From the first track "I Think There's Something Wrong With You" all the way through to the last song "W.T.F", every song is catchy and easy to sing along with. Their MySpace description is direct, to the point, and dead on: "Ambergris... a refreshing, melodic, no attitude, original mix of Punk, Oi, and Old School Hardcore played with the fury of a live Ramones show." Their use of gang vocals in songs like "No Way Out" and "I Hate My Job" (among others) shows why gang vocals are so fucking great. The last song "W.T.F" is fun and has a very piratey feel (and come on, who doesn't love pirates?). It ends the CD perfectly on a fun and catchy note.

According to my source ::cough Walt cough:: they've re-recorded their next album "A Whales Tail" and will be releasing it soon, which I'm looking forward to.

They're playing a couple of shows coming up soon, July 17th at Market St. Sports Bar in Bangor with Dead End Drive, then August 13th at The Burner's (St. Bernard's) in Bethlehem with McRad (Philly Skatepunk legends), and then the 2010 LV Punk Rock Picnic at Emmaus Community Park on August 28th. Definitely go check them out.

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