Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ryan Bland of Home 33 on the upcoming Flashback Fest!

I wanted to post this after my buddy, Scott, sent it to me. Ryan from Home 33 did a write up of the upcoming Flashback Fest we are booking for October 8th (more info to come). So read what Ryan has to say about this and why Home 33 is back one more time!

Home 33 @ Flashback Fest OCT 8TH, 2010....

What I'm Thinking....motherf%*kers! lol

by Ryan Bland on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 2:27am

I'm sending this note to all of my friends who i think liked Home 33 or Helped us out & maybe you were even a part of the band at some point.
I had many great Times in Home 33. When the band started it was in the Lower East Side NYC in 1994. Downtown was still kind of Dangerous to me. CBGB,ABC No Rio, The Gas Station , Nightingales Bar & Coney Island High were our Clubs.

Home 33  (1997)

Home 33 came from two different Lower east side Punk bands....Opposition & Bushmon. The first HOME shows we got banned from a few clubs back then because shit always got broken on stage. To many bands to list but we played with and opened for all the good 90's Hardcore & Post Hardcore bands. Home 33 had Many lineup changes but by the end of it all we made one Demo, Two Albums & Made it on to many Compilations.

We always thought we were outcast at most shows because back then most people just didn't get it. So for it to be almost 15 years later & to have people ask Home 33 to play really blows my mind. I have done various Home 33 reunions with some original members over the years but most of you know it is always a good 3 to 7 year gap before you hear the name Home 33 again

My Boy Scott Raphael singer of a band called Solomon (Who are also playing Flasback Fest) has always supported Home 33 & Most of you might not know this but he is the Motherfucker who has been giving me shit to play music again for many years He talked me into almost every HOME reunion & even United Nations. Always saying "Ryan Just PLAY!!!" Back in the day Scott booked shows in PA & Always hooked up Home 33

Scott called me last month & Asked Home 33 to play Flashback fest....i thought "Hell No!" but he talked me into it. i talked it over with the original drummer Rob Rodrigues who is busy can't play the show (Pro-Skateboarder again these days) but says "Our Music is meant to be shared" & is happy some people want to hear the old HOME songs live.

reunion  show 2005

It's a good thing to do the show because i had a good friend pass away that same week i got asked to play Flashback Fest....i was living with her when i wrote lyrics for all the Early HOME songs....I need a Hardcore Release... I'm going to give this show my Heart & Soul. It will be the Last Time EVER i plan to sing these songs! It looks like our Set will be the 1994 Chutzpah HOME demo & a few other surprises....the lineup is sick....All guys from bands i loved

True Blue Promotions seem like stand up guys & the other bands for Flashback Fest are almost confirmed.....TBA....this will be one not to miss out on!! Some of the Home 33 songs we will play @ Flashback Fest have not been played live for 14 years......

For those of you that live outside of PA that fucking care & Take the will be worth it. We will have Home 33 Merch for the first time in 11 years.

FRIDAY OCT 8TH 6pm-11pm
The Burners
333 Brodhead Ave
Bethlehem PA

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