Friday, August 20, 2010

Interview with Bad American's Ray Gurz

When I decided that I wanted this blog to turn into a zine, one of the major things I wanted to add was interviews with bands. Once I decided that, it wasn't a tough choice on who I wanted to interview. Ray Gurz was at the top of the list because of how much I like Carpenter Ant's "I Still Have the Drive" and because of how much I like his current project Bad American. Walt introduced me to Ray at the show at the Burner's last Friday, and Ray was more than happy to do it. I emailed my questions to Ray, and he got back to me. So without further delay, here it is......

FTTW: This is the first question in the very first interview I’ve ever done, how do you feel about being my first?

RG: i am amped on people doing cool shit. more action, less talk

I’ve seen you at a couple of shows, the first time when you sang a Carpenter Ant song with Back to Back. Bad American has a more aggressive and raw sound than the Carpenter Ant album I was able to find (I Still Have the Drive). When we talked at the show, you said that you told Cobra that you wanted to do a Black Flag/Poison Idea type band. Was that concept a consensus between you, your brother, and Jamie, or was it an idea you had on your own?

poison idea has hit me real hard this year. just one track got me so pumped. i listened to it for weeks, right before i left the house to go skate.
i also like the purity of it.
i was so tired of just being in a band with non dedicated guys. i wanted to step on toes and bring back what music has missed all these years.
jamie was just down because he wanted to start another band but didn't really want to do the same old hardcore bullshit. cobra stepped it up, wrote some songs and we just went from there. our first drummer had the heart to do it but not the skills. he hates us now. sorry aaron. i found out my brother had the itch to play and i asked. one day, 8 songs later, he was in.

When I saw you guys play with Maximum Penalty at the Burner’s, you really went off about people on their cell phones during the show. Would you say that that’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

a band plays with all they got. and people just fucking text each other with no respect anymore. i would never do it. in between bands but not during sets. i gave up on that one. these kids in Doylestonw hate Bad American because i made fun of one of their friends texting during us during the artspace show. he hates me more because he was sitting on a couch and totally looking bummed on us during my old band, fresh meat, set. so, i gave him something to remember. i flipped a couch over with him sitting in it. it just happens. i lose my shit. that is why i love punk music. i vent.

Since you’re still heavily involved with skateboarding, what are your thoughts on Bethlehem opening up a skatepark, and Easton being in the process of doing the same?

i just think it is about time

Now for a little bit of a goofy question. I’m a pretty big comic book nerd, and I want to know if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

mind reading

What made you choose mind reading?

what made me choose mind reading? as a power. it wouldn't have me thinking all about what if. i could tell if they are a liar.

When everything is all said and done, what do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to be remembered for/as?

i just want to known for the guy who just lived life to the fullest. i do all the things i do because i love everyone of them. i am just a guy who stop talking and just acted.

I know you've sold out of your Demo and the initial press of the 7" has sold like crazy, and you also have some shows coming up. Anything you're excited about and/or want to promote?

the next fullest commitment is the next lost soul skateboards video. i own this company and i been working my ass of to make it established and one to just be noticed. we skate everything. we are a true diy company. in all aspects. MODERN NEEDS drops this October.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. This is probably the first of many interviews to come. Thanks to Ray for doing this, and thanks to Walt for helping make it happen. Check out Bad American's Myspace Page. They also sent me a link to post so you guys can give their 7" a listen. After you download it, and fall in love with it, here's where you can pick up you're very own copy. Also, don't be a dick. Support Lost Soul Skateboards.

Check back this weekend, and I'll have my review of Bad American's 7".

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