Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rambling About My Vinyl......kind of

I've been meaning to sit down for pretty much the last week to write this. I haven't been able to focus on it though, and that's not because I don't want to write, I've just been distracted by other things (shiny objects for instance). I had been talking for a long time about re-arranging my bedroom in order to make room for a record player, and for one reason I never did it. I'm thinking it was pretty much because I'm lazy and there wasn't all that much reason for me to do it. I did have a few records (6 to be exact), but the only reason I even had those was because I bought them to put in frames and hang them on the wall. They were never bought with the intention to actually put them on a turntable and listen to them. Then the benefit show for Walt came along and changed everything.....

When I bought the raffle tickets I had one prize on my mind, and that was the tattoo gift certificate and not the stack of free vinyl, but the free vinyl is what I won. That pretty much forced my hand. My vinyl "collection" rapidly increased from six 6 to 18, and I went on a misison for a record player. I'm digressing from what my original intention for this post was.

Now that I've got my room arranged the way it needs to be with a stereo and turntable, I'm now addicted to vinyl. Everytime I set foot in Double Decker Records, I leave with a stack of records, and that's been frequently the last two weeks. I've gone from my original 6 records up to 36. It's crazy how into vinyl I've gotten. I remember having a record player in my bedroom as a kid, and enjoying listening to records. I didn't have many, but at 6 years old I didn't really give a shit. Now I've got all this vinyl to listen to and I crave more.

Right now, my collection is sort of varied between the hardcore records I found at Double Decker and the old records of my pops' that I found in his collection and snaked (I'm the only one with a record player, so he doesn't need 'em lol). Maybe tonight I'll go through the rest of his record and pull out others to listen to.

For the last couple of years I've been soaking up as much music as I could like a sponge. Vinyl is opening another world for me. I have done my best not to buy records that I already have on cd because I want something new, something that I haven't heard before. Flipping through the 7 inch records at Double Decker is the way I come across things, and I'd definitely be open to listening to suggestions. Whether it's records I should buy or something somebody has and are willing to lend me.

Music, and Hardcore specifically, has become a huge therapeutic exprerience for me. Before if I acted shitty, I'd act like a tool or sit around and mope until someone noticed. Now, I throw on some hardcore and get engulfed in it and let it consume me until I feel better. It gives me something else to focus on instead of whatever is bothering me. Every opporutnity I have now, I'm locked away in the little corner I've notched out for my music. I sit hear for hours and read, or in this instance type a blog entry that is all over the map.

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  1. Yeah, Double Decker has a lot of awesome shit for pretty cheap. And I'm glad I pushed that Blondie record on you. Fifty cents? Fuck! Great record.