Monday, January 24, 2011

Wisdom in Chains "Die Young" Vinyl Re-issue

A week and a half ago I was on, trying to figure out if I wanted to order the new Social Distortion record, “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”. I was looking through the list of records releasing on January 18th, and when I got to the very bottom of the list, I immediately knew I wasn’t ordering the Social D record. Cupcake Records did a vinyl re-issue of one of my top 3 favorite hardcore albums, Wisdom in Chain’s “Die Young” (the other two are H2O’s “FTTW” and Blood for Blood’s “Outlaw Anthems”). I ordered it immediately without hesitation, and I’ve been waiting less than patiently for it to arrive, and FINALLY today it showed up.

I’ve owned “Die Young” on CD for a while, so getting it on vinyl wasn’t completely necessary, but with my new addiction to vinyl, it had to be done. I’m glad I ordered it. As great as it was on cd, the experience of listening to it on vinyl is worth it. The vinyl is missing the live versions of “Dragging Me Down” and “We’re Not Helping” and the track “Snakes” that are on the CD, but they’re replaced with “Looking Down on a Friend”. While the three tracks on the CD are great and a lot of fun to listen to, they aren’t missed as much as I thought they would be, because “Looking Down on a Friend” is a great song.

Now that it’s here, I have my top 3 albums on vinyl, and I plan on adding more. You can order the vinyl (or the CD) from Wisdom in Chains also has a new 7” releasing Feb/March on Reaper Records called “Pocono Ghosts”, keep your eyes out for that.

LP Track Listing:
1. We're Not Helping
2. Liar
3. Nowhere
4. One of These Days
5. Fade
6. Dragging Me Down
7. The Game of War
8. Pass the Cup
9. Friday Night Drama
10. Die Young
11. Fighting in the Streets
12. Too Far Gone
13. Get To Steppin'
14. Out of Season
15. Time to Play
16. Smash Your Face
17. Nothing Like You
18. Looking Down On a Friend

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